North Point Harbour Conceptual Design Competition

Gravity’s winning proposal for North Point Harbour’s redevelopment reopens the waterfront to pedestrians, connecting fragmented public spaces in nearby area to a hub of social and cultural dynamism. By Rejuvenating existing piers and building a boardwalk under the Eastern Corridor, public spaces were generated on a site with limited open land.

2008 HKILA Landscape Design Awards “Landscape: Best Practice” - Silver Medal

The design of the conceptual landscape project, Tianjin China Merchants Comprehensive Development, is inspired by the intangible spirit of motion, momentum and action/reaction forces. It took the challenges to analyze a new land use pattern, so to generate a substantial community population to make it self-sustainable, economical viable and maintain a vibrant and energetic cityscape.

Competition for the Revitalization of Tai O

The merit entry of the competition for the revitalization of Tai O is inspired by the natural landscape and the structure of the community. By understanding the ecological system, a balance between historical, cultural and ecological conservation and the development of the community is created, to rejuvenate the unique cultural community and quality of the water village.